4 Key Advantages of Working from Home

How many of you out there reading this can relate to waking up in a morning full of dread and despair due to having to go to work at a job you don’t particularly enjoy. Of course there are countless jobs out there that are rewarding, enjoyable, and hugely satisfying, but if yours isn’t one of them, what’s keeping you there? Is it fear of the unknown? Do you feel an unnecessary loyalty to your current place of employment? Or is it something you can’t quite put your finger on? Whatever may be keeping you in a job you dislike, it’s important to remember that there are always alternatives out there. Now, more than ever, people are finally realizing this and are opting to work from home, either for themselves, or other companies. Working from home is incredibly rewarding, and to emphasize this point, we’ll now be taking a look at 4 key advantages associated with working from home.

Peace of mind Arguably the biggest advantage associated with working from home, is the fact that doing so will grant you additional peace of mind. Most Monday mornings, people will roll out of bed feeling miserable, knowing that they have to travel to a job they don’t particularly enjoy, and deal with superiors breathing down their necks. When you choose a career which allows you the flexibility of working from home however, it is worth it for the peace of mind alone. You can wake up safe in the knowledge that you can work alone, in peace and quiet, without having to answer to anybody. You also don’t need to rush to get ready.

More free time You may not realize it, but working from home will also save you a lot of time, more so than you realize. You see, if you have to travel to work, you have to wake up early, brush your teeth, get showered, get dressed, and then try to fit breakfast in before travelling through rush hour traffic to work. Then there’s the journey back. By working from home, you can wake up, get ready at your own leisure, and simply stroll into your office, close the door, and get to work. When you finish, you close the door, and that is pretty much it. The extra 60 – 90 mins you save on travel may not seem like much, but it will allow you to do so much more around the house, without having to rush.

Flexibility This is, by far, one of the largest advantages associated with working from home. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a freelancer copywriter, an artist, a writer, or anything else, by working a job which allows you to work from home, you are gaining a great deal of flexibility in your personal life. For example, if you have a doctor’s appointment, rather than having to book time off work and explain why you need to leave early, you can simply rearrange your diary and finish work early if you wish. You also get to dictate which hours you do and don’t work, so you can plan your working life around your social life, rather than things being the other way around. This is not an excuse to work a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there, as you need to be professional and you need to meet deadlines and earn your money. What it does mean however, is that you can decide to clock off an hour early every now and then – though you must ensure you make up the time later in the week, even if it does mean working an hour over the weekend!

Save money Another very prominent advantage associated with working from home is the money that you will save. To begin with, you will be saving money on fuel and travel to and from work, plus of course there is all the small change you spend on coffees and vending machine snacks, or lunches out. It may not seem like much, but this will all add up very quickly. Now, you will be using more heat and electricity if you’re working from home 40 or so hours per week, but when you submit your books for the year you can actually offset heating and electricity bills against your earnings and claim a certain percentage back.

I chose to work as a affiliate from home,as I wanted to spend more time with my children and I must say I benefit from all of the above factors.As a affiliate I have the added benefit of working alongside and generating commissions from many reputable companies.

If you would like any more information on my work from home journey then please leave a comment below or email me privately info@workaroundyourfamily.com

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Enjoy Carla

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