Hi,and welcome to my website “workaroundyourfamily.com

I have been self-employed for over 20 years now.

I opened my first retail outlet in Manchester when my youngest daughter was just about to turn 1.Dont get me wrong I loved being a new mum,but I have always loved to work too.Having always worked from a very young age I think I have always been used to having my own income and I had always dreamed of setting up my own business.

Anyway the first year or so was dreadful!! I thought that I would open the doors and a rush of customers would coming flying through the door………How very wrong I was! It in fact took almost 2 years of lots of tears and regret until eventually things did start to pick up with such speed it was pretty overwhelming.I was making money at last.

A few years later I opened another shop while pregnant with my second daughter-I look back sometimes and think I must of been crazy as 2 days before she was born I was up the highest ladders ever! In a hotel hanging exploding balloons from the ceiling!!

Anyway,all was going really well but there was one thing that I really did miss and that was the sun and the Spanish lifestyle.We spoke about the possibility of moving abroad again and decided to put the shops up for sale.If they sold we go if they didn’t we stay-They both sold within a week!

All the handwork,tears and the regrets years earlier had paid off and we had the chance to go for a adventure.

That was 10 years ago………..

IN THOSE 10 Years

I have opened another shop

Had another little girl (who is actually 8)

Set up a distribution company

As you can see I love business and also love having a family.

The distribution business was extremely successful and generating more revenue year on year.But! Although I absolutely loved the business,customers,staff etc I was working endless hours and it seemed to becoming more stressful day by day.Even when the warehouse was closed of a evening I was still replying to emails etc at all hours! Basically taking my work home with me which I was beginning to feel was having a massive impact on my family and I.

My eldest daughter moved back to the UK  to study, which again had another massive impact on me as a mother and on weighing things up I decided that my family was more important than anything as I still had another two children to look after and decided to sell. A HUGE DECISION

A buyer was found very quickly and the business was sold within a matter of weeks.

I truly do believe things happen for a reason and a even more stronger belief in fate!

Time to relax and enjoy my family for a while which is what I did exactly.Well for a while anyway 🙂

As I have always worked, after a few months off I decided to look for self employment (as I would find it very difficult to work for a employer) and this needed to be from home? Was there such a thing?


After lots of research on various work from home programmes I decided that Wealthy Affiliate (Read About Here) was the direction I wanted to take.

I now have the freedom to work my own hours while still being able to be around for my family all while generating a income.

Please feel free to get in touch at info@workaroundyourfamily.com for additional information