Disabled And Working From Home


Just because someone is disabled in some way, does not mean they are unable to work! Let’s look at the most famous disabled person ever to achieve such greatness he is a household name, yes you guessed it, Stephen Hawking. He was a successful graduate when he was first diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, along with the love of his first wife and the will to overcome his disability over the years, he went on to become one of the most well respected people within his field.
This then brings me onto working from home.  If you do happen to struggle with a conventional job due to a disability, then why not look into affiliate marketing? It could be your key to freedom and financial security.  So many careers are restricted due to a disability; however in today’s world of technology, it is one area that cannot discriminate against any of this.
As I mentioned, all you need is a laptop and the enthusiasm to drive forward your own business, does this sound like you?  If so let me help you through the mass of information online and see if this is the right path for you!
It costs nothing to contact me and discuss your options, and if I can help open your ideas to something new be it affiliate marketing or something completely different, then in my eyes I have achieved my goal.

Thanks for reading!

Carla x

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