How To Make Money From Home.


There are many ways on how to make money from home and you can find lots of options when searching on the internet.

Before I began my online business, I was searching daily and came across all sorts of different options.  Yes, there were some that stood out to me with all the pictures, flash houses and the top performing sports cars. All quoting “You Too Could Have This Lifestyle” with just a few clicks of your computer mouse a day!

I have been self employed for most of my life and have worked extremely hard for what I have achieved.  I am no computer expert, so I find it hard to believe that someone like myself with no computer background, could simply click my mouse and earn a £1000 a day.  If it was that simple, we would all be millionaires!

I did investigate further into a few of these companies, I think more so out of curiosity and, if I am completely honest there was two that I considered joining.

I will be talking about these companies within the coming weeks in my blog, revealing all, good and the bad.

I have written in previous posts about jobs that are available online.  For me these are jobs that are not going to bring me the financial satisfaction and freedom I have set out to achieve.

If you are just seeking a little extra income for the week, then head over to the post as there may be some ideas there for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to build your own online business, where you can earn a fantastic income then you have come to the right place.

All you need to get going, is your computer, some time and have a interest in learning more about something you already have a passion for.


First and foremost, don’t think for one minute that you have to be a computer expert. I have very basic computer skills and the thought of working online on my computer at first was terrifying, however I have learnt a lot over the past few months. There are computer books for beginners, along with local libraries that offer basic computer courses at very little cost, or you can solve your problems by searching online. The programme I work alongside has a 24/7 live chat, which has a fantastic response time in answering and solving your queries.


Time is a huge key in the success of your business. I have been self employed for many years and have set up numerous businesses. You will not earn money overnight. There are some businesses that do take off straight away, however in comparison to the amount of new businesses being set up this is a very small percentage. Time is money as they say, If you are willing to put in the time combined with determination, you are certainly on your way to making a successful online business.


If working online is totally new to you (like it was with me) then the learning process takes time.  Believe me there is a lot to learn. What I can say is, the step by step training on offer is so easy to follow, plus you can refer back to this at anytime. Personally, I  love to learn new things and what a great feeling it is when you start to see your business progress.


Everybody has an idea running through their mind everyday, hour or minute. So why not turn your idea into your own online business. There are billions of people searching online everyday. Head over to our “Hobbies” post where you might find an idea for your business which you never knew you had. I would like to share with you another blog, “How To Make Money From Home” to prove this is certainly possible.

The Burning Question, How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I would never tell you that you are going to be successful online and its going to be free. Like I mentioned earlier, there are too many companies out there offering “get rich quick” schemes which rightly so leave people feeling sceptical about joining such programmes.

The great thing about the programme I enrolled on is that it is completely free for you to try. You can get a feel on how everything works, plus get involved within the network of people who are actually running online businesses now. If you decide you would like to continue then personally I would recommend you join with a monthly subscription, where you will have access to full support 24/7 as and when you need it.

One thing I would like you to consider is that if you were planning on setting up a business, say for example a retail outlet. You need to account for the following:

  1. Rent, rates and other business expenses to pay out, so in comparison to these set up and ongoing costs, the monthly subscription is much less.
  2. Opening hours where you will be on a timed schedule, whereas working from home you can choose your own hours.
  3. Your client base within the internet will be much higher, as apposed to clients in your catchment area only generating local sales and income.

Take a look here for more information and download our FREE e-book.  Please feel free to leave your comments below or email me at:  

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Home.

  1. Hello,
    I am a person who always researched about making money online ane the variant ways in this way I have been seen.
    The point is all of these companies show us the way but it depends on us to start and stay on the main goal.
    Is your book about affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Amir,

      The ebook is about my own personal journey on how I came to the decision to work from home.I hope that it will encourage some people to take the step forward like I did to be able to generate a income while still being there to care for their children.

      Feel free to download……Its free 🙂


  2. I’ve been looking for so many different ways to make some extra money online. I’ve always wanted to reach a financial goal that would keep me set for life. However, like you, I’m very poor with computers. You say there’s computer courses that you can take that are cheap. What would you say is the average cost for one of these computer courses?

    1. Hi Celeb,

      In the UK I have friends who have taken beginner courses which are funded by the government and these are free which is fantastic as they enable people to get back into the workforce.

      Unfortunately for me as I live in Spain, there seems to be nothing free here as such but I have found courses that are around 10 to 20 euros per hour.I have learnt so much over a matter of months also from searches on the internet and I have bought a couple of cheap books which have helped a lot.

      I hope this has helped you out a little



  3. Great post, Carla! I relate very much to this post.

    Like you, I work from home and have been doing so for nearly three years. The difficulties that I faced were managing my time, learning, and getting ideas (this was the toughest one). I had very basic computer skills when I started off, but I didn’t let this deter me from achieving financial freedom. Today, I’m working around my family and trying to get the best out of it.

    1. Hi there and many thanks for your inspiring comment.

      You are a proven example of success 🙂

      Its great to see working from home does actually work for many people(yourself included)and that we also recognise that there may be certain obstacles that may stand in your way,but that happens in regular jobs too.

      All the best for the future


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