Wealthy Affiliate was founded by two internet experts (Kyle and Carson) in 2005.

Research suggests that the company is 100% legit and boasts a overall rating of 95%

Wealthy Affiliate,is a online internet marketing community programme which was launched over ten years ago.On joining you have access to a full training programme within all aspects of the online marketing world,creating your own websites and earning revenue.

The programme caters for everyone from people who want to,Work from home,Students,Retired,Unemployed,Extra Income seekers,the list can go on and on but I am sure you are getting a understanding here?

I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate through one of the above reasons, in that I wanted to work from home so I could still be there for my family while earning money.After lots of research,I came to the conclusion that there was know other programme out there that was anywhere near on par with Wealthy Affiliate and joined without no hesitation whatsoever.

I have always been just ok! on the computer but found even from the first introductory lesson that the training was easy to follow which made me feel really accomplished as I was moving on and seeing results.Obviously there were hurdles that needed to be jumped, but I found the community,site support, Kyle and Carson are available to answer any queries you may have.I think its fantastic that you can actually connect with the founders who know their business inside out and are willing to share their expertise with you.Alongside all the live community help you have endless training in classrooms,training live videos and 24 hour live chat.

Another plus side for Wealthy Affiliate! You can buy your domains with hosting for 1 year for around $15 which are totally secure and you can host up to 25.Fantastic value for money.I know as Ive had many business websites over the years and they all cost me far much more than that.

Existing business/website owners can also transfer their site and follow the programme to generate more traffic,and ultimately more revenue as will be taught how to generate more visitors to your site,therefore more paying customers.

Or,if you have a existing business and no website yet,then instead of paying large sums of money for someone to build you one(like I did),VIEW HERE and see how you can have your own website up and running within 30 seconds! and build it yourself.You have all the information,training and tools to get started right here.

All this information is definitely value for money.


You can join for free with supplying your name,email and your own created password.You can get to browse through the site and get a general feel of how the wealthy community works although you will restricted to other aspects on the site.You can then pay $19 for your first month to access the full training,and there after you will pay $47 per month.This is a premium membership.I joined as premium member pretty much straight away as I do believe having set up businesses of my own over the years that nobody can set up their own business with no capital.People put masses of amounts of money into businesses that unfortunately fail so $47 for me to pay out monthly was a perfect price to pay knowing that I was on my way to building my own online business in the comfort of my own home in the hours I choose.Chatting and promoting about things that are  of interest to me while earning money.How could I not? Then I made the decision to pay for a yearly subscription which is $359(just slightly under $30 per month)

My only downside! – When I first joined I was training every day putting in the hours and gaining really good progress which was fantastic,but then I few things started to pop up here and there.I had a weekend away,then a friends birthday,my daughters birthday then my other daughters birthday and there seemed to be things standing in my way which made me feel a little disheartened in that things had slowed down and I wasn’t happy with that.I think its because I am one of those people that once I put my mind to something I want to see it done.Like now!Like Yesterday!

I wanted to see I had progressed massively by now! So I was actually thinking about giving up!!! BUT! After evaluating things I needed to go back to basics and remember when I first opened my first business,I would sit there for hours with not one customer,and did not earn a wage for a long while.I had to pay my rent,insurance,utility bills etc before I even thought about my income.

With Wealthy Affiliate you have none of these hefty outgoings,just a monthly payment.

So the moral of the story is,there may be points where you get a little demotivated but try not to let them make you give up.I didn’t,and I am now earning!



I could write continuously about my experience within wealthy affiliate but ultimately I think the best way to see how this great programme works, is to join and see for yourself.

Get involved with the community and begin learning on how to become a online marketing success story.

For $19 dollars I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Please feel free to get in touch and chat about how you can too have online business success





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