What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing.

When writing your articles for social media, you need to make sure the person reading the article knows you’re real! Nothing worse than a sterile blog that doesn’t actually sound like a person, especially in today’s world, business has become, well, not so businessy (that’s not an actual word by the way!)

When setting up your social media streams, there are so many to choose from, however f you are a beginner, perhaps just choose 2-3 channels, for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  As you will soon learn that keeping on top of all the streams, whilst not duplicating every word takes time, which when you are growing your business you may not have.


Next, I suggest you choose the most effective for your business.  Facebook is very good on all fronts, as this is the most used stream on social media.  However, if you have a product business, like a florist, then Instagram or Pinterest is a key one, as this is very visual and all about capturing the imagination and selling by way of images to the customer.  If you are more service based, such as a lawyer, then Instagram may be too boring for you, as there’s only so many images of law courts, documents and people in suits that you can post without losing the customers interest.  Therefore, a good stream would be Google+ or Linked-In, where people generally go to find out information and advice.  So to enable you to choose from the top channels, here are a few of the main ones.

Facebook – As mentioned before, this is very visual, informative and able to accommodate links to products on your website etc.

Twitter – This is a useful one, which most people assume is only for gossip and news.  This can be a great channel for companies who are local based as you can follow specific local businesses, retweet local events and companies which compliment yours, all very simply and quickly.  Just bear in mind that once posted, twitter cannot be edited!


Instagram – Great for images of products, experiences or anything that a picture can say a thousand words to the customer.


Pinterest – This is like the scrapbook of the internet!  You can pin anything and put them in categories, save other people’s pin’s and generally build up an online directory of your favourite things.  Which is why businesses love Pinterest, as it is like an online catalogue for free!

Google+ – This is one that people start but fail to keep updated.  However when it is so important, let’s face it Google own it, so anything you place on Google+ is going to be given priority on the searches, as they want to drive traffic to their own sites too!


Linked-In – This is the best network for business to business.  Not only can you grow your network easily in a specific field, but you can also join forums, that not only offer advice but you can also post questions for other members of the group to help you with.  There is so much Linked-In can do so it’s worth taking the time to look in to this a bit further, especially if networking is key to your business.


You Tube – Again owned by Google, so you’ve guessed it, you will be ranking higher if you post your product videos, advertising and any other video based information which your customers need to see.  Why do you think so many kids are now choosing the career of You Tubers! It’s BIG!


With all affiliate programmes, it is down to you to bring the products to life, this is where social media can really help you.  Use it like a coffee chat with a friend, not a business sales pitch, after all we are all human, people want to relate to you as the person.

As many of us, time is of the essence, it might pay to get some help with your social media marketing to start with, just whilst you get things going. If you need help with this, I can always point you in the right direction! As always contact me with any questions you may have on this or any other topic.  Next week I shall be discussing Forums, and how they can help expand your customer base, knowledge and also support you when you need it!

Have a great weekend!


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